Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We're On The Monkey's Back

We're on the monkeys back
I tell you
They’ll be killing us this day next month
But it’s the best thing
It’s the best thing
You say

It’s All about the man

Speak to me I’m your employer
Give me the resolution
Don’t leave me in the foyer
Or ill start a revolution

Why’s there a burning?
To follow
I know

It’s all about the man

Revenge has no place in our hearts
It goes together with destruction
Hand in hand
My brothers and sisters are sent to hell for your revenge

I vote for your seat
Did I give you the green light
How can you command your makers
Your taking my soul
Making me look bad on this world stage
But its no game

It’s all about the man

How do we get this message through
Where are my albums from the sixties
Gotta make some sense of what I know
Im losing it
Don’t make me loose it
Well I’m starting my revolution
What else can I hold onto…
The monkey’s back?