Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'd like to think that I am a writer.
Plentiful of idea's, films, stories, ramblings, prose etc.
It is very easy to grab a bic and some paper.
When I try to write it again, into computer literate format, that is where I struggle.
Maybe I realise how immature the writing is,
Maybe I I'm a little embarrassed,
Maybe I can't finalise anything in my life,
Maybe I am lazy,
Maybe It's all of these factors.

Something I am always searching.
Something many of us are searching for.

Balance quite literally in my life is struggling with creativity and output.
I'm a shack up or ship out kind of guy.
If the output does not redeem the creativity, I loose it to the back files of my writing chest.
Maybe on the scales of Balance, hope and belief sit, something I am without.

So I go back to my many ideas and ways of expressing them onto screen and try to find the courage to believe in them as much as when I gave birth to them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Do you think it's the same bird who sits by my porch window,
or just a common warm spot for her species.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

September/October Edit Of Remember Fender

Co-Editor's Iurgi Urrutia and Steve Ramsie got together to edit the new structure this week. All initiated by Iurgi and Steve upon a viewing or two of the old structured rough cut, Iurgi and Steve came back to me with a heap of notes during a crucial edit structure meeting around six weeks ago we decided this to be the date. At the top of the meeting I distanced myself from future editing sessions. I believed that being too closely connected to the film, I was loosing sight of what a documentary should entail. So Steve Ramsie who served as a sound recordist on the final days of the production was brought into replace me. Now Steve has an excellent film head on his shoulder. He has previously worked with Iurgi before through affiliation at our University. I found that on the final shoot's, Steve was a real asset he had some really good and intelligent ideas. It also really helps that he is a huge fan of the project.

Here you can find a philosophy on editing for a film like 'Remember Fender' written by Steve Ramsie