Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who Do I Think I Am?

I have been encapsulated by the "Who do you think you are" Television series. I started out viewing the Australian one, then got caught up in the UK one and last night viewed for the first time the US one. Let me tell you, it's edited like an episode of 'Kitchen Nightmares' Please stop, take a leaf out of the UK's book, please, but that is another story (rant).

I really want to find my family! No, I actually want to know about my ancestors. I know who I am, no discovery of ancestors losses or gains will alter that, I just want to know where I come from, where I get certain traits from and where my parents traits come from etc.

I have observed that some families just don't talk about their history, I want to find mine while everyone is still alive. So I will sit down with my Mum soon enough and write down all I know about her side, I will then fill in the blanks with my own research. I'm no genealogist but I will try.

It's exciting

Saturday, April 17, 2010

World's Greatest Dad (2009)

I must say overall I liked it this film. I thought the direction was lost a little. There are a lot of things open for interpretation which I like, use of music was really bad. Film without any morales. I disagree with the notion that as long as the bad guy learns something by the end, then the film sits morally correct. It just doesn't do that for me. It doesnt have to by standards, but it was quite disturbing given the subject matter.

I always enjoy Robin Williams performances but I must say I felt cheated with him in it. He was excellent, but I have seen it so many times before and I would of felt more for someone else playing this role.

I enjoy black humour, but sometimes it just does not work here, I didn't know whether to laugh or not. I understand black humour does that, but I want to be able to laugh out loud at something disturbing portrayed with that little bit of charm, this film doesn't have that charm, like I have seen in many other films in this weird and wacky genre.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Remember Fender Premiere Screening

Our film 'Remember Fender' has been complete for a month now. It was rejected from 500 applicants in the St. Kilda Film Festival to make finals and have a premiere screening. We have now lined up 17 film festivals till November to enter it into. They are more appropriate festivals. It's my belief that 39:58 minutes was probably way too long for St. Kilda. In recent years they have not had anything screen over 20 minutes. So the festivals we have lined up will fit our film much more.

So without a public premiere insight, we have decided to hold a semi private event for the film. Getting the cast and crew together was impossible. Out of 16 dates, the date we have is based on percentage of attendees. We have maybe 60% of crew and cast committed. The event invitation can be found here.

The numbers are looking good and the response from attendees is a little overwhelming. You see with two weeks remaining to gather numbers we are already nearing 45 people. I have started to become nervous now. It seems real. I really don't want to host the event in any form. There is something pig headed about the whole idea of hosting a film premiere that you are an integral member of. I would absolutely love not to be there and someone film the event so I can gauge guests reactions towards the films first screening. It has only been seen by 4 people, Editors and myself.

I know that if spirits are high and I am feeling good on the night, I can mix it up with the best of them. But I am a reserved person by nature. I only show my true colours when I know someone. I have discussed it with my 'Partners in crime' Iurgi Urrutia and Steve Ramsie, that I infact feel like a bit of a show-off. I feel this way because who the heck am I to invite friends to view something that could be outrageously bad? I know how I feel about the film, but the event in it's self is a 'look at me, open for criticism'. I understand this is part of the game. I want in, but i'd rather do it as big brother. I guess I can't hide anymore.

I've shown smaller works before, I mean I showed the old 2006 Remember Fender to a packed class of colleagues at university. I warn you, I go red in the face, perspire and my heart beats like a motherf###r! Now I have to show this film to friends, family friends, cast, crew, people I don't know and a larger audience. Oh and I'm sure I'll have to say something. The only time I had to get up in front of a crowd other than school or uni, was my grandmothers funeral in 1997. I was sixteen. I grew up in that week leading up to my beautiful grandmas death. I had to, my father didn't give a fuck to show any support to my Mother. I felt like a man, I felt alive, I felt like a writer for the first time.

I got up to do the Eulogy, yes me, a 16 year old, you see my brothers were much younger along with my cousins. I was close to my grandmother and I wanted to say something. My younger cousins read passages, which I knew were hard to do. I felt like I was on another planet. A day before I started writing. I didn't write a Eulogy, I wrote a short story. It was a metaphor for the living and the dead, that involved my Grandmother. It demonstrated how loosing someone was not the end. You see my faith was strong then, instilled by my grandmother. I was proud of myself that day reading to about 300 people, I didnt cry, I was calm, probably the most calm I have ever been. It's hard to watch someone die but it helps you live. I still have it and read it every now and then. A week later we got a visit from a nurse who worked with patients on the verge of the end. She asked if she could use it to read to families of patients. I felt like a writer.

If only I could write my way out of this premiere.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's A Man?

"How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?"

Thanks Mr. Dylan, thank you for the question. On this day many years ago Bob Dylan finished writing 'Blowin' in the wind' from which he posed that question. Obviously the question is not literal. I've walked down many roads in my time.

A road metaphorically speaking can be seen as a place, a journey, a space, a thought, a mind, I could go on and on. I believe it to be an experience, of all of those metaphors mentioned, how will you know unless you go?

More pivotal is his next line

"the answer my friend is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind"

Like a God, he delivers us the answer. So firstly is it an answer to how many roads we probable men must go down? I think not. I believe it to be a lost boys interpretation of not knowing the answers.

You see being male, does not necessarily make you a man, being 18, or 21 or 30 or married or having a child or in control of a billion dollar company does not either. So what makes a man? Is he the sum of all his experiences? how many experiences do you need to qualify?

I promise you the answer is in the second sentence. I promise.

In the words of Willie Wonka "it's right here, black and white clear as crystal"

Now you need to accept