Saturday, June 5, 2010

United 93 (2006)

 Paul Greengrass of the 'Bourne' films directs this true account of the 93 passengers that died in the terrorist hijacking of the plane that went down in Pennsylvania, US. Usually I enjoy a good old 'plane going down' story, here I was out of that element. All thanks go to the vomit inducing camera work that Greengrass employs. It works fantastically well in the Bourne films and they for action films are in my opinion at the top of their game. It just does not work here for me.

Call me an ass, but I hate true stories that get nations worked up to the point of being patriotic about their people. It reaks of those propaganda war films of WWII. I take nothing away from the people that went to their death and the fear, bravery they went through and their poor families. But I am talking about being entertained through the medium of film. I indeed was not.

I'm sure there will be those of you that love this film and are moved by it. But simply it's a film that passes as a true account, about something I have seen a dozen times already and not directed very well at all.