Friday, July 30, 2010

Fly Away Into A Bubble

Buy yourself a coat for the summer
go out and buy a big puffy one
keep the cold thoughts away
for a distant moment you fell into obscurity
naked in winter
fly away into a bubble

thoughts are unfinished
music played over gramophone's
in courtyards of your love
wander into the evening
moonlight and space
fly away into a bubble 

lonely in your mind
toiling soil with your feet
numbers and alphabet
return to me in summertime
anxiously in love with my seed
fly away into a bubble

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Project 2010 Progress

So it has now been 2 months since the Remember Fender premiere screening. A massive night that signified the completion of 19 months work. I remember growing my hair as a 15-16 year old for 19 months. It's a bloody long time. Fender is not completely done, we are currently entering festivals for it, throughout the year, although it has been rejected from the first 3 so far. We will see, at the end of the day, the film premiered to a hundred strong audience. We are happy and a screening at a festival will satisfy us.

Three days after the premiere, I remember sitting at my desk starting to read texts for my final semester at university only to be hit with an overpowering feeling of anxiety. I was amazed, it had not happened in a while. I had heaps of time to just get things in order, but the lack of creativity in my distant future hit me like a ton of bricks.

I knew I needed to do something about it, because I can't get back to the anxious ways in previous days before Fender. I immediately started writing creatively. It came to me in visions although the pictures were not translating so easily into words on paper. I quickly opened up a thread on facebook with my closest film collaborators. I wrote all I was thinking in regards to a new project. Without a flinch the two men committed to doing what they loved.

I kind of rested on that and allowed the patience for the story to come to me. I must say, it was kind of an excuse to be lazy and watch 61 of 64 world cup games. by the start of July, I had hit the wall again and knew it was time to kick up a gear.

Last week, a Wednesday night a certain calm came over me, a more in depth calm. Visions were flooding into my head. It was the story. It was all I wished for, but structured. I felt the emotion of the two characters and the location in which this project initially began was easily coming to me. I got my trusty notebook and wrote. Ideas, characters, locations, structure, look, feel, music etc. It was truly amazing. Creating stories to me is the pinnacle of what I can do, what I am good at, the only thing that I know I can do well. 

After the write up, I quickly contacted my collaborators and told them I have the story. Only know it's coming up with the nerve to write a treatment. You see it's a hard task for me and the main reason is the based on the whole "saying it aloud" theory. I have many ideas, but when I speak them to someone, most the time, I discover how awful they are. It's in the process from visual in my mind to paper, where idea's and context get lost. This is where the treatment comes in, the treatment is a shout out of everything the film should be from feel, to story etc. but delivering it to another human being.

But I will get on with it and after hearing back from my collaborators, I will post the successful treatment here. Til then, be creative!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Be Humble

When you feel you have everything, its quite important to understand the world does not always replicate how you feel.

Being humble is all about accepting that the rest of the world is different to yourself and understanding
that your happiness is not everyone elses goal.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

So I Ran

So I ran to the sand
reached out with my hand

So I ran to the church
reached out with a lurch

So I ran to the sun
reached out with my gun

So I ran to the commuity
reached out with a city

So I ran to river
reached out with a shiver

So I ran to miss
reached out with a kiss

Friday, July 23, 2010

Go, Go, Go

This is such a simple note
to you who will never quote

go, go, go in your drunken slumber

find me in a dream, turn my face to another
if it helps you sleep through the night
or it may be easier to pretend
turn out the candle light

prose in the morning
prose in the night

go, go, go in your drunken slumber

never used to drink much
changing in the daylight
your skin is as such
all without a fight

my poetry is a mess

go, go, go in your drunken slumber

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Words In My Hand

Words in my hand
laying in tall dried grass
in a distant land
this was all but a farce

Words in my hand
listening to romance
in a distant land
fake at a glance

Words in my hand
our eyes locked
in a distant land
my mind mocked

Words in my hand
there you are in my dreams
in a distant land
failed with all the schemes
Words in my hand

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dean Martin

If you didn't know I am an unabashed Dean Martin fan.

You see as a youngster of the 80s the norm was to listen to popular music, watch 80s teen films and go with the trend. I had no idea the 80s happened. I had no reference to popular culture. My attentions were towards school which I liked but wondered into creative dreamland, while being woken up with blackboard dusters imprinted on my chest.

Films were also a big part, but I tended to watch Martin & Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Presley, and Martial Arts films my Father would rent for me and my brothers as I was heavily into Karate, also participating two nights a week.

My musical background also had nothing to do with the 80s. I listened to 'Golden Oldies' on my Mother's car stereo, at home to Creedence, Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin on her Cassette tape and to horse races on my Father's car stereo. At my grandparents house I would listen to Dean Martin, One of my Grandmothers favourite.

He is my favourite singer, The baritone voice, the charisma in the words and the easy flow music that has stood the test of time. People think of Dean Martin as the fellow who sung 'That's Amore' that Italo-American song of the 50s, but Dean is much more than that. To me, he is the coolest cat that ever lived.

'Motivation is a lotta crap' -Dean Martin-

By far my most used quote, he is right, Human's only do things as they need to be done, not for a motivational reasoning. If I have to do something, then I just will...OR....won't. It is simply your choice, or mine.

It just displays the man's easy way at looking at life, from the music he chose to sing and how he did. If you listen to live recordings of Dean, you will truly understand what I mean. First and foremost he was an entertainer and one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen, bar, Jerry Lewis.

Many may not know but Mr. Martin was nominated for 4 Emmy's and 5 Golden Globes with one win, for his hit show "The Dean Martin Comedy Hour" which I have seen many episodes and they are hilarious. The show ran for 9 years from 65-74 and Dean signed the biggest contract at NBC ever. You see the man was loved and would attract guest like Orson Welles, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Geroge Burns, Bing name them, chances are they were on it.

The laid back attitude is a treasure to have, something only a few years ago, I prided myself on. When I am at most happiest or in need of a cheer up, you will hear the tunes of Mr. Martin blaring through my house...Oh with myself trying to keep up with his Royalty.

I want for one day to be able to incorporate his music within a short film of mine.  His music appears on more than 150 films and TV of note. I looked into using his music once, but it was a maze...but who day.

Anyhow, if you havent heard of the man, please do so, it won't let you down, get a Capitol recording, or a live recording from the Sands Casino, or a Rat Pack recording, or watch an episode of The Dean Martin Show, or a Celebrity roast and you will know what I am talking about...

A man who could sum up love in one verse, then make you laugh at it, then make you think - true! then make you sing it ALL day long. I'll leave you with this one;

"How lucky can one guy be,
I kissed her and she kissed me.
Like the fella once said,
Ain't that a kick in the head"

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Therapy In The Snow

To all the departed ones
and to all the inevitable rising suns

To all the broken hearts
and to all the morning starts

To all the lost souls
and to all the empty holes

Go forth and write your words
of sorrow, misery and loss

Therapy in the snow
Only you could know, yours is a,
Therapy in the snow

Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Hibernate

She came to me in the Summer of my life,
Missed Spring,
Changed me in Autumn,
Left me alone during Winter,

To Hibernate.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Personal Update

So, after heated debate with the circuits upstairs that reside in my brain, I have decided to let it all hang out (reminds me of a Van Morrison song). My decision is solely based on the fact that I have it all in me to write at this point of time in my life, just can't seem to put it down, through a keyboard or pen. I totally forgot music, you see music is like ink to me, it sends me in all different directions,

"Most of the time I have nothing to say
When I do it's nothing and nobody's there to listen anyway"
-Ryan Adams-

I know most of the time I don't have much to say, but lately I'm understanding it's a product of my environment and has been for a long time. I need to be stimulated and mostly that's through conversing, I enjoy interaction and human beings, I really do. Just most times, I'm never in the mood, go figure, I've tried.

The writing bug is back but I'm scared how long it will stay this time. I hope it lasts as long as I need to get through University essays, a new untitled screenplay, The Film (B)log reviews, and my own prose, short stories and ramblings.

May was a massive month for me organising the film premiere for Remember Fender, it culminated in the night itself to end May. It was a very special night to me and I suggest will be better than any graduating night I may have in my life.

June saw me bring in my last birthday in my twenties and start the countdown to which should be just another year passed, but with those numbers in sight sets off a countdown that I can't seem to shrug off. I get a sense that even if Uni was done with, Work was set up, I'd still be unfullfilled and the prospective birthday would be as daunting. The fact is that since I was a toddler milestones have always played a big part, from football games, high school scores and my 10th birthday to ring in a few. I'll try to get my head around it, I promise.

So after the initial birthday week, June flew by, I felt like I needed time off, but I may have taken much more than I wanted to. The world cup was on and being in Australia the daily life to a world cup devotee meant a sleepless month and structures i've built up around me like meals and excercise put second. It's taken about a week and I have recovered.

Today is Wednesday and I promised I'd be writing by yesterday's date, in which I did, but quickly stopped. But here I am again today, writing to you, that's right, you upstairs buddy! Trying to figure out and set my path again, for the next half of the year, which is well belated. If I have nothing else to show for my life, I know I will have my written word. The stories, critiques, rants, life lessons, and philosophies, all I need now is someone to share them with.

Inside My Mind

The record function is not fucntioning

The raw footage remains

I need more space for new recordings

Inside my mind

New memories won't fit

There is not enough room

Ill make a deal

Inside my mind

You give me space for new memories

Ill archive the past

I promise to keep even the sad ones

Inside my mind

I am not removing her, them, him, that from my mind

But the potential to record

Not to overwrite

Inside my mind

So, condense the old files

Label them 'My History 18-29'

I promise to keep it filed away, memories...

Inside my mind

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Drink Up

Writing out my heart

Feelings left in a paper bag

Set it on fire

Ashes beneath my feet

Rain washes away

Drink the earth

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm On My Side

The future lies within

I try to play it like a piano

Slowly in my approach

Creating notes

Direction is for the unique

Talking to it

Strings pull organs

Fever's swept up inside

Faint feelings reside

I'm on my side
I'm on my side