Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tommy And The Bones

One thing I love to do while feeding my 10 year old dog Tommy, is to wait for him to bury his bones. Then without words, the game between animal and man begins.

He waits out my first move like a good old chess game. While fixated on his new toy/food, he quickly moves his head from left to right to observe the scene like an expert bank robber. He then looks up at me, I give way, I heed to the staircase and pretend to go inside. Game on!

Tommy makes his way to his desired part in the garden, he then attempts to bury his bone. All the while, I sit upon the porch looking down on his every move, you could say this Chess game has a cheater.

Tommy heads back to his bowl minus the bone. Our eyes glance at each other as we cross paths. His big worried eyes say to me "I wonder if Dean saw where I buried my bone?" I move over to the fresh grave he just dug. By this time Tommy sprints over. He plants his foot atop of the fresh dirt to protect his investment. Easily moved, I dig up the bone and replace it in it's original bowl.

Back and forth the charade continues, with every attempt bringing a new hiding place.

Every time we come back to the starting point of the neverending game and interchange stares, I believe Tommy thinks "Wow this guy won't get the hint, I can do this ALL DAY!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

TV Trasher's : The Experience

Around 2 months ago a friend (Steve-O) and I started a TV disposing hobby aptly named 'TV Trasher's'. What do we do?
Well we grab abandoned TV's from footpaths and nature-strips outside the house's of their past owners, who in turn in all likelihood have a new 50 inch plasma TV sitting inside their lounge room now.

We bring them back to a private residence and simply drop them off rooftops, ladders and also club in the Tv tubes with nine irons, putters and pitching wedges. We finish off the insides with secateurs, pliers, crow bars, hammers and even mallets for a funny finish.

The TV Trasher's have since gone on 2 otuings disposing of 3 TV's and 4 in stock for safe removal.

The experience itself is usually relieving frustration and weirdly liberating. The sense you get from trashing a TV and hearing the implosion of it's gases as it makes contact with the cold concrete is amazing, a sound that could not be captured properly on Digital video equiptment. We have talked about getting in a sound recordist!

If you like destruction like most full blooded male's I suggest you trash a TV at least once in your life. Tv Trashing is a great way to dispose of TV's, which end up being small enough to fit into your recycling bin.

Tv trasher's threatens to be a big hobby, with the emergence of new flat screen HD TV's. We already have a few people who have expressed getting involved, male and female! yes!

I've Forgotten To Write

It's been about 3 months I reckon since I last started to seriously write. I mean anything, Screenplay, stories, blogging, journal writing, film reviewing etc.

I have a love hate relationship with my pen, i abuse the fuck out of it playing word games on TV, jotting nothings and infrequently drawing stick figures. When it comes down to writing because I haven't for a while, I just can't. Sometimes I will but that's after an hour of scribbling shit! I figure, I have had nothing to really write about.

For me, writing is about getting all the feelings pent up inside out on paper. Secrets shared between me and my pen and a bit of blank paper.

Lately the whole process of writing and more importantly, needing to has dissipated into worrying, panic and anxiety. I have translated my feelings inward, with a slight case of misanthropy again.
Forcing the pen=wrong!

The last important thing I wrote other than the shopping list was a letter to myself while in a dark place one night listening to Elephants Instrumental by Rachel Yamagata over and over again.
Music=flowing pen!

The spark has gone kids, so I start to write about THAT experience = Writing!