Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To a friend

To a friend,

I know how you feel, I do. You feel alone, insecure, unloved, unresolved, empty, pending. I know, I do.
Here I'll go, I'll lie, you'll be fine, summer's will feel warm again, clouds will move away, love will stay.
Here I'll go, I'll lie, you'll feel all that you do now.

Truth is I don't know, no one knows. Not you not her.

Comfort is in knowing that you are in the majority. You have not lost, only experienced.
To suck in the thick air on top of mountains, is only succeeded by the lost sweat, blood and tears you need to endure.
It feels finite, it is not, your not even half way.
Take comfort that you are 1 in nearly 7 billion, take comfort that in your lull other beauties emerge, friendship, solidarity, backbone, courage, respect...all things a man should be judged by.
Through our conversations I know without a doubt you posses all of those.

Go through the motions, it is what humans need to do. Without the negative, the positive would not exist. Without loss, gain would not exist. We need hurt as much as we need love, otherwise all the good in life will not exist. It is all part of you and everyone.

Remember it is ok to fear, it is ok to doubt, it is ok to lose, it is ok just to be...