Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Jotter's 100 Films You Must See History Lesson

Some time ago, OK, 16 years ago now, I received an encyclopedic book on film from my Mother. She knew I was heavily into acting. So this along with my local video store, my world just opened. Now you have to remember this is a world without internet being what it is today, frequented, fast and on hand.

Within this book I could narrow down the actor's I'd like to see and see what films they had done, pre 1994 though. I would circle each film I had seen, from actor, director, writer etc. to actor, director, writer...

I remember being in year 10, and having a rain day...a day either spent writing, reading, or playing the Nintendo entertainment system. Instead I started an excel sheet database, with 4 important columns. Year, Film, Director and Rating. It took me 2 whole days to finish that book and inputting all the correct information for all the films i had seen. Being 15 I aptly named it Deans Best Films. For nostalgic reasons I haven't changed the grammatically incorrect title, or for that matter, immature.

Currently my film viewing stands at 2369 films, with a conscious effort not to watch all the so called 'classics' in one year. I love having films on the IMDB top 250 list or various other prestigious lists, as pending. Films like City Of God, Notorious, Sunset Boulevard, City Lights, M, Double Indemnity, Das Boot, Rashomon, Metropolis, Rebecca, Paths Of Glory, Judgment at Nuremberg, Dr. Zhivago, Lawrence Of Arabia etc. the list goes on and on. I enjoy the fact that my life goes on and on, and I hope in 10 years time I can watch Metropolis for example and be blown away.

Over the 6 or so years I have kept a top 100 list, that was easily expanded to 250. It's very hard to cut films, but this like all the other lists is a very personal one. It's not voted by anyone other than myself. My ratings are 5 being faultless, through to 0 not a film. There is .5 increments in-between. Not all the chosen top 100 films are 5 out of 5, remembering that when you do something like this, you have to remember to be personal and not put a classic before something that's quite recent, just because. Although I also succumb to the fact that films that beat the test of time must be given more creedence when deciphering between two of equally quality but years apart.

Either way it is all subjective and if anyone was to see this list, no doubt, they would have an argument or two at the very least. When the list is complete for this year I will post it up. Til then my friends.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Enjoying the sounds of silence
succumbed to my hearts defiance
there is way too much reliance
taking shelter without a license

Monday, August 15, 2011

Remember Fender Get's Internet Release

Remember Fender finally goes live onto the world wide web. Make sure you check it out and leave us any critique, thoughts or questions you have. Cheers.

Remember Fender from Dean Marando on Vimeo.

The Sum Of A Man

You may dine at five star restaurants, fly first class. You may have a healthy wage, a car to boot. You may have seen Rome and it's Colosseum, flown the coup. You may wake to sun, and sleep to silence.You may adventure in life's playground, having the dust settle long after your gone. You may conquer your burdens, by being free. Are these the sum of a man?

Giving without gift, respect for a stranger, healthy in spirit, expanding your mind, loving the loveless, enduring hurt, learning without knowing it all, opening your heart to the wonder of all, selfless in your pursuit to happiness, Are these the sum of a man?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Amity Volume 1

Vanity was a thing she could do without. She could also live without the innuendo and competitiveness. On top of her social insecurities, living at home with her Father was taking it's toll. New to the thirties she would often state to the few acquaintances she kept, that she felt like all she achieved was hindered by the fact she was still a daughter in her Fathers house.

Success found Amity at the tender age of nine. She was what some would say a child genius. By the media, Amity was known simply as 'Majestic Amy' a name she despised not for the Majestic part but the latter. She often hated when others felt the need to shorten names and nicknames could only be used by people who shared a childhood with the persons in subject.

Laddy was a boy whom to quote the lovely Amy "was just somebody she used to know" In fact Laddy was her childhood companion, the boy down the road, who used to walk with her to school,  who used to share paddle pop sticks while sitting on the curb watching wheels of cars go by, who used to go down to the lake and literally create magic. Laddy was in fact a nickname for Lawrence, not a common nickname nor for that fact in the case of Lawrence it was something she especially donned for him.

The memories she kept with her and only her, accounts of there childhood together came from the occasional bully or school mate they'd cross paths with. With only her Father to report to, who usually was out making a living for Amity and himself, She grew up pretty quickly, a little lady of sorts. Her childhood would come to an abrupt end eventually.

It was on one of those adventures out by the lake that young Laddy lost his life. The local police to this day could not definitively prove the events of that balmy evening on January 1989. It's been said by local folk that Amity drowned Laddy but the police's reports state otherwise

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Spy Outside My Window

had a case of 'Rear Window on 11th December 2009 '... guy outside my house, stalking someone. Tinted Windows, 2 fingers hanging out the window...a smoker, interesting phone convo's, and parked under a massive tree!

im now equipped with camera, binoculars, water and some tasty chips -forget working

doesn't everyone want to be a spy?

he has been and gone 3 times today.

he got out went to the other side of the car rested his arms and his head in them. 2 mins later walked back around to the drivers side and zipped up.

he took a piss. he left as a red car approached the owners of where he was parking.
the car gone, only the pee stain remained.

he has green long shorts, white singlet and hat.

got the registration.

he listened to SEN radio...i swore i heard Anthony Hudson

had his phone on speaker and it could be heard from my backyard.

"the guy i followed, when i found him, he was hiding in the bushes"
he had a slight accent

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Waiting For The Sun

'I'm sitting here waiting for the sun' - Powderfinger -

I usually would be reflective of what the weather dishes up. I'd probably adhere to the above quote. But I'm not, weather wise I will not be bossed around. So I go;

I will not be bossed,
for it's I who'll cost.
By you my sun,
In rain, wind, cloud, I'll still, have fun!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

At, On & In The Moon

Is there a reason why people say 'on the moon'
I mean it's not if you sit on the moon as if it is a couch, only with the exception of the craters and moondust!
Why don't we say 'Oh that Neil Armstrong is IN the moon'
like 'My friend is IN Argentina'
Or is it that we still see the moon without horizons and that it is this Big Rock that people sometimes land on with no water or atmosphere?
What about if we used the term 'AT' like 'My friend is at the local shops'
let's use that in a sentence... 'Neil Armstrong is AT the moon if you need to call him'
Yeah still seems wrong being light miles away!
Can my iPhone dial the moon?

Monday, February 14, 2011


It's creativity time now kiddies! I have the urge, feeling, notion, excitement to put together another short film. Possibly not a 39 minute length short, more like a 6-15 minute range kinda short. I'm not inspired, not motivated...just know I must.

It's settled, at least in my mind, I am a filmmaker, be it part time, casually, it must be done. I have a long list of short's I'd like to direct, that I have written. Honestly I'd be rapt just to put together the production and let someone else take the reigns.

I have a range of small genre films that could be shot.

"A House Of Cards"
The story of a mentally ill father and his son. It is a Father and Son story dealing with depression and fear. It is about responsibility and becoming a man and how a son teaches his father how to become a man.

"The Disciple"
is a short story I wrote in 2005 about a priest sent from the Vatican to investigate the disappearance of missionaries in a fictional jungle country, he is accompanied by his guide a femme fatale. Con's: locations and one scene with special effects.

Laundry is 3 short films shot in the same Laundry on 3 separate days involving the one character named Lenny and his story is the beginning and end of the film, creating the Arc. I have been working on this film for many years now and it is getting much better. The book ends of the Lenny film are done...It's up to the 3 other directors to put their take on the 3 middle shorts.

"Six Kilometers"
My ode to the romance comedy. All shot in a car. Is heavy reliant on dialogue and Acting between the female and male characters. The context of the conversation from the pickup to the cinema is about the negatives of their relationship, but their characters react in an amusing way, displaying their love.

This short is based on the death of a young man and his remaining friends. It is set outside the church on day of his funeral. It is how 10 or so friends react and what their relationships were like, be it embellished or loyal. Imagine yourself dead and watching friends, lovers, acquaintances react.

So these are the five I have. I have been a little vague as to not give away too much here on the blog. These are all working scripts and I hope to at very least get one of them done this year.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Coloured Arch

When it moves, it brings the rain.
It's cold and damp, filled with flickering gold.
I don't know what you are, I haven't a clue.
Where the ocean did lay, it's blood now resides.
When I look up, the sky is filled with colour.
If I try to catch you, you move further away.
Your an illusion, a pretty picture from Earth.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Chrysalis

Save your sermon
for angels in your bathroom
When you go, send me
a message by winged service

How do you breathe
without a heart
How do you beat
without your mind

Raise your glass
to yesterdays of love
to today's presence
and tomorrow's magic

Salvation's found
in a plastic jar
with holes punched out
crunchy peanut butter

Things you leave
on your bookcase
In fact
leave you in the dark
your Chrysalis spark

Film Reviewing

I am back on track with film reviewing this month after being away from about November.
There are 2 new film reviews and 5 to come this month from DeanThirteen. New films like Somewhere and Black Swan have been viewed and reviewed, so log on to The Film (B)log.
Then make up your own mind.