Monday, February 14, 2011


It's creativity time now kiddies! I have the urge, feeling, notion, excitement to put together another short film. Possibly not a 39 minute length short, more like a 6-15 minute range kinda short. I'm not inspired, not motivated...just know I must.

It's settled, at least in my mind, I am a filmmaker, be it part time, casually, it must be done. I have a long list of short's I'd like to direct, that I have written. Honestly I'd be rapt just to put together the production and let someone else take the reigns.

I have a range of small genre films that could be shot.

"A House Of Cards"
The story of a mentally ill father and his son. It is a Father and Son story dealing with depression and fear. It is about responsibility and becoming a man and how a son teaches his father how to become a man.

"The Disciple"
is a short story I wrote in 2005 about a priest sent from the Vatican to investigate the disappearance of missionaries in a fictional jungle country, he is accompanied by his guide a femme fatale. Con's: locations and one scene with special effects.

Laundry is 3 short films shot in the same Laundry on 3 separate days involving the one character named Lenny and his story is the beginning and end of the film, creating the Arc. I have been working on this film for many years now and it is getting much better. The book ends of the Lenny film are done...It's up to the 3 other directors to put their take on the 3 middle shorts.

"Six Kilometers"
My ode to the romance comedy. All shot in a car. Is heavy reliant on dialogue and Acting between the female and male characters. The context of the conversation from the pickup to the cinema is about the negatives of their relationship, but their characters react in an amusing way, displaying their love.

This short is based on the death of a young man and his remaining friends. It is set outside the church on day of his funeral. It is how 10 or so friends react and what their relationships were like, be it embellished or loyal. Imagine yourself dead and watching friends, lovers, acquaintances react.

So these are the five I have. I have been a little vague as to not give away too much here on the blog. These are all working scripts and I hope to at very least get one of them done this year.