Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Waiting For The Sun

'I'm sitting here waiting for the sun' - Powderfinger -

I usually would be reflective of what the weather dishes up. I'd probably adhere to the above quote. But I'm not, weather wise I will not be bossed around. So I go;

I will not be bossed,
for it's I who'll cost.
By you my sun,
In rain, wind, cloud, I'll still, have fun!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

At, On & In The Moon

Is there a reason why people say 'on the moon'
I mean it's not if you sit on the moon as if it is a couch, only with the exception of the craters and moondust!
Why don't we say 'Oh that Neil Armstrong is IN the moon'
like 'My friend is IN Argentina'
Or is it that we still see the moon without horizons and that it is this Big Rock that people sometimes land on with no water or atmosphere?
What about if we used the term 'AT' like 'My friend is at the local shops'
let's use that in a sentence... 'Neil Armstrong is AT the moon if you need to call him'
Yeah still seems wrong being light miles away!
Can my iPhone dial the moon?