Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Jotter's 100 Films You Must See History Lesson

Some time ago, OK, 16 years ago now, I received an encyclopedic book on film from my Mother. She knew I was heavily into acting. So this along with my local video store, my world just opened. Now you have to remember this is a world without internet being what it is today, frequented, fast and on hand.

Within this book I could narrow down the actor's I'd like to see and see what films they had done, pre 1994 though. I would circle each film I had seen, from actor, director, writer etc. to actor, director, writer...

I remember being in year 10, and having a rain day...a day either spent writing, reading, or playing the Nintendo entertainment system. Instead I started an excel sheet database, with 4 important columns. Year, Film, Director and Rating. It took me 2 whole days to finish that book and inputting all the correct information for all the films i had seen. Being 15 I aptly named it Deans Best Films. For nostalgic reasons I haven't changed the grammatically incorrect title, or for that matter, immature.

Currently my film viewing stands at 2369 films, with a conscious effort not to watch all the so called 'classics' in one year. I love having films on the IMDB top 250 list or various other prestigious lists, as pending. Films like City Of God, Notorious, Sunset Boulevard, City Lights, M, Double Indemnity, Das Boot, Rashomon, Metropolis, Rebecca, Paths Of Glory, Judgment at Nuremberg, Dr. Zhivago, Lawrence Of Arabia etc. the list goes on and on. I enjoy the fact that my life goes on and on, and I hope in 10 years time I can watch Metropolis for example and be blown away.

Over the 6 or so years I have kept a top 100 list, that was easily expanded to 250. It's very hard to cut films, but this like all the other lists is a very personal one. It's not voted by anyone other than myself. My ratings are 5 being faultless, through to 0 not a film. There is .5 increments in-between. Not all the chosen top 100 films are 5 out of 5, remembering that when you do something like this, you have to remember to be personal and not put a classic before something that's quite recent, just because. Although I also succumb to the fact that films that beat the test of time must be given more creedence when deciphering between two of equally quality but years apart.

Either way it is all subjective and if anyone was to see this list, no doubt, they would have an argument or two at the very least. When the list is complete for this year I will post it up. Til then my friends.