Wednesday, January 11, 2012

100 Films You Must See #91

Woody Allen

Match Point signified two things for Woody Allen, his turn to making more films abroad as opposed to his love of New York. The other being his collaboration with Scarlett Johansson, she would later be cast in Scoop 2006 and Vicky Cristina Barcelona 2008. I bring these two points up because I find them vital to his filmography and his writing. You see in those films starring Johansson, Allen was now writing a form of his character that frequented most of all his earlier films. If you closely watch Johansson in all three films included Scoop where she co-starred with Allen, She is Allen reborn into a new body, a better looking one at that. The Woody Allen character has not been lost at all, he has hung onto it.

I have been debating whether or not to give you a rundown on the plot or not, I know I shouldn't as Match Point's backbone is that is surprises. Even having said that, you'll be waiting for something like a bang. I've said too much already. This is a thriller but a thriller that is planted purely in pace and timing. There is nothing in the major part of the introduction and first act that desires to tell you a thriller will emerge, after all it is a Woody Allen picture and he is most intent to concentrate on character, the rest will flow on. Please just watch the film without even reading the blurb, you'll see I haven't included a trailer either.

Match Point is scathing on it's character's, it's not about the old deabte, good vs. evil, it's not really about relationships and their ups and downs, it's simply about surviving in human world of mistakes and misfortune.

So Woody Allen makes his first appearance on my list of films you must see. Expect to see a few more from the director. I am enjoying this new wave of cinema from the director, surprisingly his more recent films are some of his best, but in all I have hardly seen an average Allen picture.

100 Films You Must See

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