Saturday, January 7, 2012

100 Films You Must See #95

James Clavell
I'm not sure if I have seen a film about a teacher and their pupils made prior to 1967. I'm sure there was, but this is probably all I need to keep me satisfied that this one here writes the rules on how to do it. I won't say very much about the storyline here as in all honesty If you have seen a film about a teacher and their pupils, you probably can guess as to how the film pans out.

Set in the 60s, it's a booming London, the kids in this classroom are near graduating, they are the rejects from other more sought after schools. These are the next men and women of the real world. They can either change the world or add to it's problems. The females, with their mini dresses and attitudes are foul mouthed. The males have no respect for the female kind, dressed with attitude, which was eventually replicated in the 80s and beyond by punk rock bands. In the lunch breaks they dance to quite provocative music for the sixties. In between school yard conversations are loud and in a cockney accent.

In enters an Engineer graduate, Mark Thackery (Sidney Poitier) taking a job as a teacher as there is no work in his field. A man of great morals and principals. Poitier is quite amazing here as he is in many films, great line delivery, eyes that deliver and array of emotions, he connects with the audience from the very first scene.

The film is centered around the Lulu song "to sir, with love" which is a beautiful backdrop, she also takes a part in the film as a student.

This film is what many directors look to when trying to create a film about the Teacher/Student film. So many lessons you learn along the way, they are so relevant to this day and age and will never change. I'm not sure if they do but, this film has to be made a concrete film to view in high schools all around the world.

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