Thursday, January 5, 2012

100 Films You Must See #97


For an Australian this is the perfect film. For a run of the mill Aussie battler, this is a film that is very close to your heart. Meet Darryl Kerrigan along with his four kids and wife he is the happiest man alive. With his 'Castle' his family home, he is simply at peace with himself and all he has achieved. "how's the serenity?" he gasps after taking in a heap of that murky suburban air. He is a simple man, a man that I believe we all aspire to be. Maybe more refined, maybe more intelligent, but simply deep down in all our hearts we aspire to be simpletons and happy with that style of life. It's the abundance of the world we live in that somehow always spoils our bliss.

The film has the characters within at a crossroads when the family's home is under threat from the government to only add to the ever growing capitalisation of suburban Australia. It's something I remember in the early to mid 90s as a young boy. I remember many people loosing their jobs and super-markets/shopping malls going up and sending folks with small business's out!

There is a comment here within this film. But there is also a genuine heart something that touches us all. An Australian classic.

100 Films You Must See
#98 Groundhog Day
#97 The Castle

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