Tuesday, January 3, 2012

100 Films You Must See #99

Nicholas Winding Refn
I know this film has only been in cinema for two months at most now. I hear you ask, but how can a film stand the test of time if it's a newborn? Drive is unlike any crime film I have seen in recent memory. It is a crime film full of style & class which has a straightforward plot with themes of film noir. What Drive does better than it's contemporaries, is it does not shy away from the fact that this could well be a classic in film. It knows what it can be and through director Refn it is achieved, whereas your typical crime films which follow a very similar plot to this are always full of shoot-em-up's and dialogue that is a fabrication of macho protagonists that don't seem to exist. Along with it's soundtrack, Drive seems certain to stand the test of time.

100 Films You Must See
#100 The Goonies
#99 Drive

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